Singing and chanting is the path to wellness

Imelda has studied many ancient healing systems for over thirty years. Her healing approach sees her combine more than one system depending on what is intended for healing, specific to your needs. Her healing is through the Christ consciousness and Arch Angels.

When you arrive at the session, you are welcomed into a safe space.  Imelda will listen to your concerns and what your expectation of the healing would be.  This will be a special time for you to focus on yourself.  She will select the healing system for the optimum result.

Imelda is available for distance/absentee healing.

She attended Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, UK for five years studying Mediumship, Spiritualism and Trance Healing. She is presently attending the Modern Mystery School, pursuing Advanced Spiritual Training.

"My intention is to always support people on their life's journey"

- Imelda