"Music is love in search of a voice"

- Tolstoy

As it is the day where memories are made, Imelda will work with the Bride and Groom to create the perfect wedding ceremony. You may wish to have a ceremony routed in Celtic traditions, or indeed one that is uniquely designed by you.

There are many ceremonial elements that can be included, for example:

‘The Love Story’
Poetry, Prose, Prayers
Unity Candle
Ring exchange
Commitment Vows
The Handfasting (tying the knot)

As a classically trained singer, Imelda will weave the chosen elements together with music and song, ensuring a loving celebratory ambiance for family and friends.

This unique wedding ceremony can be at a place of your choice, indoors or out in nature.

In the months before the special day, Imelda will meet with the Bride and Groom, and together they will create the bespoke ceremony.

Irish Institute of Celebrants